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Below are links to breed rescue groups and shelters that offer purebred German Shepherd Dogs for adoption.

Before contacting a breed rescue group or shelter in your search for an adoptable purebred German Shepherd Dog, we recommend that you first read the helpful information in the Before You Adopt online brochure. This information will assist you in determining if the German Shepherd Dog is the right match for you, answer most commonly asked questions about adoption, and provide helpful information about proper selection, care, and training -- all key components to achieving a successful adoption and lifetime match.

  • Breed rescue groups offering adoptable purebred German Shepherd Dogs and Australian Cattle Dogs.

  • Shelters that may have adoptable purebred German Shepherd Dogs.

  • Information about adopting a German Shepherd Dog from a private party.


The German Shepherd Rescue Network is an informational resource only. The links provided on the German Shepherd Rescue Network are for educational purposes only. We are not able to answer questions about dogs available at breed rescue groups or shelters, and we are unable to verify the accuracy of information published on an external web site, and make no claims as to adoption suitability.

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